first look at kim hee sun + lee seo jin in wonderful season

Goodness. How beautiful are they? First stills of Kim Hee Sun and Lee Seo Jin were released recently and I’m just squealing at how gorgeous they are. So much pretty and handsomeness. I’m… Continue reading

kind words continues to explore relationships…

I always wonder which is worse – emotional or physical adultery. And somehow I usually come to the conclusion that emotional adultery is much more devastating in the long run. Kind Words continues… Continue reading

taiwanese drama skinship scenes…

Gosh. I was laughing so hard when I was doing up this post. I’ve actually had a few inquiries on how steamy Taiwanese drama kissing/bed scenes can get. Honestly, I’ve never actually bothered… Continue reading

as the light goes out…bromance or not

Oh my. Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue in a movie together? Sold. A story on courageous firemen? Double Sold. Hong Kong’s latest blockbuster As The Light Goes Out (The Mandarin title translates to… Continue reading

current + coming on cable

Cable dramas are on a roll and though I admit I’m not watching any just yet, there are a few that do appear worth checking out. On JTBC we have Can We Love… Continue reading

The Pursuit Of Happiness’ ratings suffered for being too realistic…

HA. That was what I kinda figured when I discovered The Pursuit Of Happiness didn’t garner the successful ratings most expected. The production team is the very same one behind 2011 hit In… Continue reading

filming goes on for you light up my star

Joe Cheng’s wig is…and I think Janine Chang is wearing a wig, too. Anyway, the production team has been pretty active in posting updates about the drama. I guess they are still filming… Continue reading

review: Prime Minister And I Episode 11

So he serenades her and breaks her heart in the next second. Kwon Yul kicks Da Jung out of the house for her own good (so he thinks) and discovers how empty it… Continue reading

tony yang + sonia sui laugh off their hotness

I’ve finally translated the Mingpao Weekly clip of Sonia Sui and Tony Yang. This ranks as one of my absolute fave videos of them because the whole shoot was screaming hotness and chemistry.… Continue reading

review: Prime Minister And I Episode 10

The Prime Minister’s in love. That last scene was so touching in its simplicity and the lyrics of the song reflected not only Kwon Yul’s feelings for Da Jung, but also her feelings… Continue reading

uee + jung il woo nail their kiss

OMO. I loved the whole build-up to the kiss between Baek Won and Do Young in Episode 21 of Golden Rainbow. It was a bittersweet exchange and Do Young confesses his feelings for… Continue reading

smoky eyes all around in pirate

Hmm…I don’t know what to make of the upcoming blockbuster Pirate, which stars Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin and a likeable supporting cast. Despite the whale-hunting twist, it just seems like… Continue reading