peter ho + f(x) victoria star in beautiful secret

This actually looks not bad. The reason why this upcoming Chinese summer drama has piqued my interest is because the director is the one who helmed The Outsiders, one of the titles on… Continue reading

intense infinite for japan tour teaser

Infinite recently released a Japanese single entitled Dilemma. Definitely can hear and feel the rock-ish Japanese elements, all right. Anyway, a teaser for the scheduled tour to promote this song has been released… Continue reading

blood drops teaser with otp

Blood seems to be going the way of traditional stereotypical vampire tales. Gal is pale, prim and wears long, ethereal white dress. Very vampire bride of yore. I keep wondering how my sauve,… Continue reading

wallace chung silently smokin’

I’m watching bits and pieces of Silent Separation mainly because of Wallace Chung. He’s smokin’ in the drama despite that permed ‘do. The college segment was adorable while the adult segment is well,… Continue reading

way of the warrior

Who’s this hottie? Apparently he is Chinese actor Chen Xiang, one of the stars of upcoming Chinese drama, Love Across Thousands Of Years. I am mildly fascinated by the upcoming Chinese remake of… Continue reading

seo young joo to play kim sae ron’s brother

…And Kim Hyang Gi’s first love in the upcoming KBS drama special. Nothing much is being said of the 16-year-old Seo Young Joo’s part except that he plays Kim Sae Ron’s older brother… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 6

How to do you tell your son he is sleeping with the enemy? Hye Rim grapples with that and her own mission to complete to ensure Seon Woo’s safety. Thank heavens Seon Woo… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 5

It is a different ball game between knowingly putting your own life at risk and knowingly putting an innocent life at risk, thereafter causing her death. Seon Woo learns what it feels like… Continue reading

uee swears till her heart’s content

I’m not sure whether I’ll love Hogu’s Love but I’m definitely loving the teasers and BTS so far. They just crack me up though I genuinely think the content isn’t super funny. But… Continue reading

I love you, do hee!

Hehe. I’m so tickled by the latest teaser of Hogu’s Love. Choi Woo Shik (Ho Gu) practises saying “I love you, Do Hee-ya” and all the lovey dovey couple stuff with his fluffy… Continue reading

woo hyun + gang@ 24th Seoul Music Awards

Think Infinite won some Special Hallyu Award for the night. The event took place today and I only found out about it because one of my oppas in Seoul texted me: “Your Woo… Continue reading

potential pairing of ji hyun woo + kim hee sun

When I read the synopsis of Angry Mom in which an angry mom poses as a high schooler at her daughter’s school to protect her from bullies, I didn’t have a shred of… Continue reading