review: Wonderful Season Episode 19-20

I know heartbreak and noble idiocy are lurking on the horizon but right now I rather swoon a million times over Dong Seok’s extended proposal: “I want you to sleep in my room… Continue reading

lee sang yoon is like roasted marshmallows…

It’s a compliment! He’s all soft, warm, gooey and sweet as Dong Joo. I’ve been zipping through every episode of Angel Eyes just to watch Lee Sang Yoon being the sweetest guy around.… Continue reading

cute couple alert: lee sang woo + park se young

I just don’t get it. Why are all the potentially shippy OTP pairings getting cast in draggy weekend family dramas?? First Uee and Jung Il Woo, then Lee Seo Jin (who totally KICKED… Continue reading

youngsters playing it well on gap dong

A reader kindly informed me that I got Kim Ji Won confused with Tara’s Park Ji Yeon, another Kim Tae Hee doppelganger. Apologies! I’m neutral when it comes to casting idols in dramas… Continue reading

breathless + surviving for one year!

OMO. I didn’t know this blog had officially turned one until wordpress kindly popped up a reminder. Anyway, thank you all so much for continuing to drop by this space and I deeply… Continue reading

you light up my star drops character + theme song clips

Oh my. I’m all excited after seeing the brief MV clip of the theme song crooned by Japanese actor Masaharu Fukuyama (Yes, it’s in Mandarin). You Light Up My Star is looking potentially… Continue reading

lee seo jin goes on his knees

Those who have seen the longer preview of Episode 19 of Wonderful Season would know that our OTP both are going to have their kneeling moments. But I guess Kang Dong Seok humbly… Continue reading

joe cheng + janine chang ham it up

I think it would be impossible to ship Janine Chang and Joe Cheng in real life even if they produce combustible chemistry onscreen for You Light Up My Star. They are cute and… Continue reading

musing over lovestore at the corner…

I don’t view new CTS Taiwanese drama Lovestore At The Corner as potential crack, but it’s one I’m intrigued by enough the first episode (shown last Friday) to follow. Well, that and the… Continue reading

tony yang on the silver screen

The wonderful Tony Yang recently wrapped up his Chinese drama and up next is Taiwanese war film Once Upon A Time In Taiwan with George Hu. A press conference was held for the… Continue reading

lee jung jae does burgers, luggage, fashion & more…

I really, really want to see Lee Jung Jae back on the small screen. I love his movies but it would soooo lovely to be able to watch him ply his craft and… Continue reading

lee seo jin cringes in embarrassment when…??

…He revisits his earlier melodramas with him bursting with heavy emoting. HA! I guess that’s why he is perfect for the gravelly restraint needed for sageuks. MBC Section TV caught up with him… Continue reading