surf me over…lee min ho is point-break hot

Are those muscles I see? LMH usually looks so slim covered up that despite my adoration for him, I always thought he wouldn’t be that defined in the physique department. But he’s obviously… Continue reading

noona love…yoo ah in is kim tae hee’s fanboy

I love High Cut. Every time I’m in Seoul, one of the first things I do is to head to the nearest Kyobo bookstore to get my hands on the latest copy. It… Continue reading

recap: Shark Episode 16

Shark has been picking up since Episode 12 and has been swimming forward with fairly strong strokes. But I’m a little worried how they are going to wrap up the story with just… Continue reading

he’s no boy…

Ahem. Apologies for my new website header image – especially if you aren’t a fan of the man. I just couldn’t resist. Anyway, as Heirs goes on a casting spree, I’m getting increasingly… Continue reading

shark…my hyun-nies

Phew! I thought I was the only loving Soo Hyun and Yi Hyun together. The preview of the backhug between the main OTP didn’t do much to me as their love story seems… Continue reading

recap: Shark Episode 15

Another good episode and I must say the sibling love between YS and YH is what really holding the show together. Here goes: We kick off the episode by YS discovering his sister’s… Continue reading

what are ya gonna to watch…

A slew of new dramas are on the horizon…and these are probably the most high profile ones: Good Doctor I’m no fan of Joo Won or Moon Chae Won…not even close. They are… Continue reading

shark…OTP still warming up

KBS is really stingy with BTS videos and when they do put them up, they usually aren’t really the nicest ones worth translating. Instead, I found this lovely FMV. It’s really strange. KNG… Continue reading

lee soon…missing the king

In retrospect, I think Lee Soon in JOJ is my fave young king in a drama. YAI is really made for sageuk. He just slips into those kingly robes and royal speech so… Continue reading

recap: Sword & Flower Episode 4

Though Episode 3 wasn’t too bad, it mostly acted as a stepping stone to build up Episode 4, which was gripping from start to finish. Thus, my decision to recap Episode 4 only.… Continue reading

translation: Faith novel (vol 1) excerpts – Part VIII

I finally ordered Volume 2! It should be nicely tucked away in the belly of some cargo plane right now, making its way towards me. And since I’m almost done with translating excerpts… Continue reading

sword & flower…the force of 2 men

Maybe JOJ totally drained me in the romance department because kisses and hugs don’t seem to be at the top of my list with the two current dramas I’m following, Shark and Sword… Continue reading