for your eyes only…gaze vs stare

This is such a frivolous topic to delve into, but I thought it would be fun to shallowly dissect what seems to be Lee Min Ho’s signature action of Heirs two episodes in.… Continue reading

translation: Faith novel (vol 2) excerpts – Part 10

So that no one will be confused, the scene you’ll be reading about replaces the one in which both of them slept over in the forest. This scene takes place on a boat… Continue reading

bts translation: T.O.P is cool & adorable for movie poster shoot

I’m so digging the whole mood and vibe of the latest poster of The Commitment. I enjoyed this BTS video so much that I just had to translate and share it with those… Continue reading

recap: Heirs Episode 2

Lee Min Ho has got his intense stares down to a pat. Or he has somehow made staring into some kind of art form that makes me shiver and inwardly squeal at the… Continue reading

grunge appeal… lee soo hyuk quirks me up

Lee Soo Hyuk really, really isn’t the type of guy/actor that I usually go for, but he’s strangely so on my fan-noona radar. Firstly, he’s as fair as white paint and his fashion… Continue reading

kim nam gil and son ye jin gear up for pirates

It’s Bidam…just older, scruffier and sporting a fuller fringe. I initially thought these pics were old shots from Queen Seondeok, but no. It’s Kim Nam Gil hard at work on the set of… Continue reading

recap: Heirs Episode 1

It’s finally here. I’m more relieved than excited. But gotta admit when the episode opened with Lee Min Ho riding the waves and taking a shower, I melted instantly. Despite the circus leading… Continue reading

i’m saying…heirs drops first upbeat ost

FT Island’s Hong Ki gets the Heirs OST ball rolling with I’m Saying. And I love it. It’s fun, sunny, upbeat – which suits the young tone of the drama very well. Love… Continue reading

the bachelorette… upper class common girl gets a name change??

So the poster says Go, Single Lady. And the Mandarin title is different too – it now loosely translates to The Counter-attack Of The Rich Husband. My Mandarin is really rusty, so my… Continue reading

best otp: lee min ho & kim woo bin

It’s love at first sight for me and the pairing of Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin. So I finally watched the super long preview – which I didn’t earlier because I… Continue reading

minho as i like him….

If you (like me) aren’t really digging Lee Min Ho’s glam clown suit for the Heirs press conference, just watch the video above to regain your inner calm. I think he’s wearing even… Continue reading

minho the mannequin headlines heirs press conference

I typed the first three words of my header with all my heart and soul. The only thing I remotely like about Lee Min Ho’s look for the press conference is his bronzed… Continue reading