the suspect is kinda luring me in…

I’m no fan of Gong Yoo, but I’m a mega fan of the Bourne movie franchise (while the incredible Matt Damon was starring in them, that is). I’ve actually read all the novels… Continue reading

uee kisses jung il woo first in golden rainbow

Nice. The lady makes the first move. Uee and Jung Il Woo will share their maiden smooch this weekend on Golden Rainbow. I’ve been visiting the drama occasionally to keep tabs on the… Continue reading

i’m your mr right…not him!

Heh. Tony Yang got all huffy when Sonia Sui cooed over Cash Chuang a beat too long in the BTS of her adorable drunkard interlude. I MISS THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS TO DEATH.ARGH.… Continue reading

script reading for lee seo jin + kim hee sun’s new drama

The cast for upcoming weekend drama Very Good Times converged for the first script reading. Kim Hee Sun has starred with her fair share of established actors but none that I really fancy,… Continue reading

ecstatic over emergency couple…

OMO. The recent BTS released for Emergency Couple got me plastered to the screen and semi-squealing. Who knew Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo could be so hot and cute together??? I… Continue reading

yoo ah in up for another noona romance

2014 is kicking off to be a year of cable dramas for me. Yoo Ah In does a Yoona with JTBC’s Secret Love Affair in which he stars with Kim Hee Ae. I… Continue reading

review: Prime Minister And I Episode 9

I never imagined I would say this but Lee Beom Soo can dish out darned lovely hugs. Prime Minister And I is just a great rom-com on all fronts. Episode 9 kept me… Continue reading

hair for thought…

Having an affair is truly a hair-raising event as Eun Jin and Jae Hak discover in Kind Words. The cat’s out of the bag on both sides as Eun Jin fesses up about… Continue reading

review: Prime Minister And I Episode 8

Another good episode. I won’t exactly say Prime Minister And I is getting better, but it is maintaining its wonderful rom-com vibe and very enjoyable, logical narrative so far, especially when it comes… Continue reading

please let me kiss you…

That’s what Tony Yang said to Sonia Sui while they were filming their first kiss for The Pursuit Of Happiness. This happened during the Ferris Wheel scene and Sonia just couldn’t help but… Continue reading

sneak peek of joe cheng + janine chang in you light up my star

I’m getting confused with all the similar-sounding drama monikers between the Korean You From The Stars and now, the upcoming Taiwanese You Light Up My Star. Anyway, we have Joe Cheng and Janine… Continue reading

lee min ho will reveal a spankin’ new bod for gangnam blues

Lee Min Ho fans wouldn’t have to worry about his appearance for his upcoming movie Gangnam Blues. Not that we had to worry in the first place, but the lanky actor has promised… Continue reading