T.O.P & kim yoo jung make a pair of cute siblings

Awwww. T.O.P and Kim Yoo Jung made an appearance at a meet-and-greet session at the BIFF 2013. They seemed to have fairly good rapport from the trailers and they look adorable together in… Continue reading

secret moves… spy fare ahead

The trailers for X and The Commitment are out. And after viewing them, both movies have been added to my To-Watch list. Firstly, I have a ridiculous weakness for gritty, action-packed spy movies.… Continue reading

handsome young things heat up busan international film festival

Fan Noona Alert. All my fave younger men converged at the Busan International Film Festival in suave suits, no less. What a treat…and what a feast for my eyes. T.O.P : Simply dashing.… Continue reading

semi drama drought…heirs to be the oasis

I haven’t picked up a single drama since Empire of Gold. Though that kinda crashed and burned in the last leg, I don’t regret following it as I did enjoy the pulsating tension… Continue reading

face reading, fires and fading loyalties

I have just returned from the land of Lee Min Hos, Kim Tae Hees and K-Pop. As usual, I loved every moment of my stay there. I decided to play movie catch-up on… Continue reading

just fall in love with kim tan already… heirs releases its 3rd teaser

I’m looking forward to Heirs purely because I think Lee Min Ho is going to be to-die-for in appearance, word and deed as Kim Tan. The third teaser really reinforces that and I’m… Continue reading

like wine, like men…

I just find it unfair as a woman that most men actually look fine with wrinkles and the slight cragginess that come with age. I’m not sure about you gals out there, but… Continue reading

sun, sea, sand…and lee min ho

I don’t know why I keep swooning over Lee Min Ho in a wetsuit when, well, he has been popping up in a wetsuit every other day for the past month. His surfer… Continue reading

he can be my commitment… T.O.P sizzles in new movie posters

Ohhh. I just love the posters for T.O.P’s upcoming movie The Commitment in which he is a North Korean spy disguised as a high-schooler. In my opinion, these are about the most charismatic… Continue reading

noona’s here…kim tae hee supports yoo ah in

Yoo Ah In got his wish. Kim Tae Hee showed up at the premiere of his new movie Kkang Chulie, all glowing and gorgeous. I think it was a really sweet gesture on… Continue reading

translation: Faith novel (vol 2) excerpts – Part 8

The excerpt takes place at the shack where Eun Soo is stuffing her face with mandu. Choi Young’s point of view: The preparation with regards to her learning how to ride was no… Continue reading

man in black…lee min ho’s back

I love off-duty Lee Min Ho – dressing wise. Not all the time, but most of the time. The cast of Heirs has wrapped up filming in the US and will continue on… Continue reading