review: You Light Up My Star Episode 7

Jealousy isn’t pretty, as CW realises. Despite distancing himself from Man Ling, he doesn’t like the idea of anyone getting close to her. Well, he doesn’t know that yet but seeing YB all… Continue reading

vacation vibes@roommate

Kang Yeol Travel Agency plans the first roomie trip and it ain’t all that bad. Except for the broken down AC in one of the cars and an almost accident. Everyone is excited… Continue reading

temptation releases long teaser ahead of premiere

So I wondered how Choi Ji Woo’s and Kwon Sang Woo’s characters met. Now we know. Park Ha Sun’s character tries to kill herself and Choi Ji Woo’s character saves her. In doing… Continue reading

review: Marriage Without Love Episode 4

Jang Mi fulfils Ki Tae’s goal: creating a ruckus enough to eradicate all fantasies of marriage on his family’s side. But family secrets and hidden hurts are exposed and Jang Mi realises how… Continue reading

does he measure up…

Who needs measuring tape when you have Hong Jong Hyun? The couple is gifted with an empty D.I.Y house on the MBC building rooftop and start taking note of what furniture and other… Continue reading

review: Marriage Without Love Episode 3

This drama is hitting all the right notes with me. I’m just loving how the narrative is being developed and expressed. We find out why Jang Mi clings onto men so much –… Continue reading

review: Hi! School: Love On Episode 1

Absolutely Adorable. I guess when you put all the usual K-drama clich├ęs into teenage context with a touch of fantasy, they don’t seem so cheesy, silly and juvenile. Kim Sae Ron is so… Continue reading

love for all ages

With High School: Love On set to kick off its run this evening, the second week of Marriage Without Love promising more whacky hilarity, Temptation premiering in a few days… we have all… Continue reading

preview: You Light Up My Star Episode 7

A staged kiss orchestrated by Yu Bin in hopes to fan the flames of Cheng Wei’s jealousy. I actually pity Cheng Wei being hounded and pressed by everyone at the same time just… Continue reading

review: Wonderful Season Episode 39-40

So I admit I found Wonderful Season this past weekend boring for the first time since it started its run. Everyone is just going in circles – at an excruciating snail’s pace –… Continue reading

tony yang + sonia sui up & about… separately, of course

Tony Yang has been chalking up movie after movie and he has gotten a haircut that has left me swooning. Hotness. Sonia Sui recently made her way to Singapore for several reasons: To… Continue reading

preview: High School: Love On Episode 1

I assume the preview was released during the drama press conference on July 7. It feels like an honest-to-goodness high school series chock-full of crushes and blushes. The issue of Kim Sae Ron… Continue reading