temptation beckons in a week…

We have the third teaser, which has the desperate couple-in-trouble encountering and on their knees in front of Choi Ji Woo’s chaebol heiress character. I’m guessing the writer won’t dilly-dally on the offer… Continue reading

review: You Light Up My Star Episode 6

There are more important things than romance in this drama now and I’m fine with it since the reconciliation between the OTP will prove to be much more meaningful in the process. Cheng… Continue reading

culinary contest@roommate

The roomies have a cookout battle, with Shin Eom-ma and So Ra as the esteemed judges. Oh, and Dong Wook too, who seemed too hungry to care. Heh. Upon hearing Dong Wook invited… Continue reading

kiss + hug trumps noble idiocy

CHEERS! MAN SE! A K-drama couple not languishing in noble idiocy and deciding to step up to face challenges together. With tons of kisses in between to fuel their determination. I was worried… Continue reading

review: Marriage Without Love Episode 2

I’m enjoying this drama sooooooo much. Yeon Woo Jin is winning as Gong Ki Tae and he’s so entertaining with his facial expressions – one second he is humourless, the next second he… Continue reading

tall, red and good-looking…

Jong Hyun-ah…why do you look so good in red and with your hair swept up? We Got Married has become my weekly guilty pleasure ever since model-actor Hong Jong Hyun bungee-jumped into my… Continue reading

review: Marriage Without Love Episode 1

It would be too hasty to say I have fallen in love with this charming drama – so let’s just say I liked the first episode. A lot. Enough to decide to review… Continue reading

retrospect: joseph chang + janine chang headline mini movie for marie claire taiwan

The news about the pairing of Sonia Sui and Joseph Chang got me thinking of other A-list Taiwanese celeb pairings that haven’t really gotten around being materialised into proper dramas or movies. And… Continue reading

got juice?

Got Lee Seo Jin? It was recently announced that the Nation’s Luggage Boy will be the new spokesperson for Minute Maid. I’ll sign up for a lifetime delivery of the juice if each… Continue reading

preview: You Light Up My Star Episode 6

Cheng Wei finally breaks down in Man Ling’s arms and she painfully realises to an extent how tortured and psychologically messed up he is inside. I did get the feeling she had made… Continue reading

high school: love on looks… cute?

I must be really lacking some sizzle with the current crop of dramas because I’m actually considering checking out KBS’ upcoming fantasy youth drama, High School: Love On, starring Kim Sae Ron, and… Continue reading

bts poster shoot of temptation

The chemistry lives and got better. Between Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo, that is. The poster shoot proves it all. Dare I say that it even felt a little sexy between… Continue reading