review: The Pursuit Of Happiness Episode 12

This episode may have a little too much action with secondary characters, but it still rocks because Sonia Sui and Tony Yang are a match made in heaven. There – I’ve said it.… Continue reading

emergency couple sets to be zany…

Awww. Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo look adorable together. They even have matching hair! The first teaser, script reading pics and the official poster are out and all things point to… Continue reading

preview: The Pursuit Of Happiness Episode 12 [updated]

I was beginning to think that GTV was going to tease us rabid fans by not providing teasers for Episode 12. I’m guessing YK’s gonna put some physical distance between he and An… Continue reading

best time…worst ending ever

ARGH. I feel so cheated. Best Time has ended its run and the ending seriously sucked. Yes, it differed from the original ending of the book but I think the drama’s version is… Continue reading

review: Prime Minister And I Episode 6

Kwon Yul and Da Jung are gradually establishing a genuine husband-wife relationship without actually realising it. Da Jung celebrates her first Christmas at the Kwon household with cheer, while Kwon Yul undertakes his… Continue reading

Blessed Christmas Everyone!!!

, I know there are various time zone differences but here’s wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays in advance! Have a lovely time with your family and friends. For those living… Continue reading

review: Prime Minister And I Episode 5

Kwon Yul is starting to fall for Da Jung – and it’s honestly not because they keep accidentally falling into each other’s arms. Above all, she is opening his eyes to issues close… Continue reading

tony yang + sonia sui…just as fab off-screen

It’s no secret that Tony and Sonia have developed a wonderful rapport in the four months of filming The Pursuit Of Happiness and even the Taiwanese media is aware of that fact. Even… Continue reading

sparks fly between jung il woo + uee

Oooohhh. Me like what’s going on between Jung Il Woo and Uee in Golden Rainbow. Yep, the pretty pair steps up the chemistry in the most recent episodes and it’s looking really hot.… Continue reading

lee min ho wins big at baidu awards in beijing

Congrats to Lee Min Ho for clinching Best Actor in the Asia Pacific at the Baidu Awards 2013, which was held in Beijing on Dec 22. As much as I adore Lee Min… Continue reading

joe cheng + janine chang to star in new drama

Joe Cheng and Janine Chang will headline the new Taiwanese drama You Light Up My Star – helmed by Director Winnie of In Time With You and It Started With A Kiss fame.… Continue reading

fizzle to sizzle…no sparks between sonia sui + tony yang in 2011

Chemistry is a strange thing. Sometimes it takes time to combust and explode. Sony Sui and Tony Yang actually collaborated on a short film <Seed> way back in 2011. Apparently, no sparks flew… Continue reading