like fine wine…

Ji Jin Hee is to play Kim Nam Joo’s husband in the upcoming JTBC drama, Misty. The plot centres on Kim Nam Joo’s character who is accused of being a suspect in a… Continue reading


I’m not a fan of Jo In Sung but I admit he looks pretty in an ad campaign for an outdoor brand. He is currently filming blockbuster movie, Ansi Fortress, and I can’t… Continue reading

1 gal + 2 guys

My babies should have walked the red carpet together. Finally found clear clips of Kim Sae Ron, Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo at MAMA 2017. How awesome it would have been if… Continue reading

to catch a glimpse of him

Seo Ji Sub was in Vietnam recently to attend a brand launch and received a warm welcome from thousands of fans. Wow, it does look as if they lined the streets to greet… Continue reading

a reluctant parting

Why I do like the last few seconds of the clip so much? So much feels from both actors, especially Won Jin Ah. Just Between Lovers dropped another teaser and it is quite… Continue reading

just between lovers holds press conference

Seems Dispatch also thinks newbie actress, Won Jin Ah, is like a little Su Ae since the news agency captioned one of her images as such. Just Between Lovers helds its press conference and… Continue reading

colour chic

I have a soft spot for Kim Hee Sun but her fashion sense has bewildered me on numerous occasions. She tends to pick outfits that age her, and she does have rather theatrical… Continue reading

cola couple

Promotion for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang has been ramping up to boost ticket sales, which apparently is less than ideal so far. We have former figure skater Kim Yuna and Park… Continue reading

set for saipan

Yoona jetted off to Saipan to attend the Marianas International Film Festival in the morning of December 6. She looks fresh, relaxed and happy. She has had a few days of break from… Continue reading

21st century babe

Han Ye Seul is off to shoot a pictorial overseas after wrapping up 20th Century Boy And Girl. I would deem the drama as a successful turn for her since I don’t really… Continue reading

black knight holds press conference

Fighting for the good ol’ knight? Don’t blame the ladies since our knight in question is suave and sexy. KBS’ Black Knight held its press conference and off the bat, Seo Ji Hye… Continue reading

does he or does he not…

There you have it. Hong Jong Hyun wants to date and wants to date openly.  Or so he claims in another piecemeal interview released by MBN. He answers our questions, yet doesn’t reveal… Continue reading