so ji sub + park shin hye to survive off the grid in new variety programme

Na PD doesn’t sleep and is just brimming with ideas 24/7, isn’t he? TvN has confirmed that So Ji Sub and Park Shin Hye will partner up for his new variety programme with… Continue reading

cute love brewing…

AHHHHHHH. I’m shamelessly only watching scenes of these two because they are soooooo squeeee. Jung Da Bin (Yi Deun) and Ki Do Hoon (Ha Min) are super duper cute and lovable in Shall… Continue reading

holiday snap

Low-key celebrity lovebirds Honey Lee and Yoon Kye Sang have been dating for six years but rarely have they been snapped together in one frame. Anyway, TV Report finally caught them at an… Continue reading

star part-timers + more attend be with you vip premiere

The VIP premiere of Be With You was held on the evening of March 12. Son Ye Jin’s celebrity girlfriends turned up in full force while So Ji Sub’s BFF, Song Seung Heon… Continue reading

dear diamante

Shin Min Ah must really have a tight working relationship with Roger Vivier because she stepped out again, this time in Seoul, on the weekend for an event by the fashion house. I… Continue reading

cutesy date

More CFs for Ragnarok dropped, starring Yoona and Seo Kang Joon. They both are fair and lovely, and make a pretty picture. I popped by Seoul over the weekend to attend a wedding… Continue reading

making finger hearts

Sigh. My shippy heart. It cannot be stopped. At 1:26: I am not too good at lip reading but I am quite certain at 1:26, Hong Jong Hyun suggests he and Yoona make… Continue reading

fash fun

The BTS clip of Nam Joo Hyuk in Hawaii for W Korea. Despite the mop of hair, he looks adorable and hot at once. Well, nothing can beat the mop Gong Yoo sported… Continue reading

couple calling

Lee Sang Woo and Kim So Yeon pose together for a fashion label, making quite a handsome couple. They were one of the many co-star couples who got hitched in 2017, and I… Continue reading

a little plant… a little start

Aiiiiiish. Ki Do Hoon is such a cutie pie. His loveline with Jung Da Bin is adorable and while she is a little spoilt, she isn’t a horrible character. The scene is a… Continue reading

the great seducer drops highlights trailer

The drama premise is not totally the same as the movie, which is good, in my opinion. We have three rather messed-up or semi-messed up chaebol heirs against one ordinary girl who doesn’t… Continue reading

pretty noona who buys me food drops 2nd teaser

Son Ye Jin is so pretty… her signature cheery smile which makes her eyes all cutely squinty. This time, we get to see things from her point of view though both are doing… Continue reading