casual gent

Choi Min Ho is manning up slowly but surely. He has very even, sharp features and those huge eyes, so I think simple works best for him. Like this recent campaign for a… Continue reading

idle in italy

Krystal continues to promote Italian label, Tod’s, even travelling all the way to its country of origin to take a pictorial. I don’t follow Krystal’s activities closely but I believe this is one… Continue reading

so ji sub + son ye jin mull over movie together

These back-to-back posts on Son Ye Jin are utterly unintentional but damn… I would love to see So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin burning up my screen as a OTP. This may… Continue reading

spring with son ye jin

We haven’t seen Son Ye Jin for quite some time. Here she is modelling the latest from Tory Burch for JLook, looking all breezy and feminine. This has to be one of my… Continue reading

my secret romance holds press conference

Wished Sung Hoon had not paired that sexy, open-collar white shirt with that awful suit. Not a huge fan of pastel and lace but Song Ji Eun looked so saccharine sweet that I… Continue reading

spirited away in man x man

This just gets better though I’m certain there is darkness lurking behind the seemingly zippy storyline and characters. JTBC’s Man X Man releases a new teaser and I can’t helping being amused and… Continue reading

dorky duet

Omo… Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun are just so awkwardly adorable in the latest promo for My Secret Romance. The off-kilter bobbing, the off-key harmony, and Sung Hoon’s bashful gesture to confirm… Continue reading

furry friend

G0ng Yoo makes his stand against animal testing, accompanied by a bunny and his sunny smile. He is the face of Body Shop in Korea, and he attended an event earlier today to… Continue reading

1st snapshot of nam joo hyuk + shin se kyung for bride of the water god

SQUUUUUUUEAL!!! My baby boy is back! A foreign fan stumbled upon Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung filming together for the upcoming tvN drama, Bride of the Water God and uploaded a… Continue reading

father’s daughter holds vip premiere

Park Bo Geom set aside time to attend the VIP premiere of Father’s Daughter, a body-swapping comedy about a father-daughter pair who gets the opportunity to be each other. Jung So Min stars.… Continue reading

purple parade

Choi Ji Woo and Sulli sparkled and shone draped in purple for the opening of a Nina Ricci boutique in Seoul recently. I think they were the only two celebrities in attendance but… Continue reading

suspicious partner holds script reading

First look at Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun for their new drama, Suspicious Partner, set for broadcast in May on SBS. Lots of laughter around the first congregation of the cast… Continue reading