all masks off…

The real conflict begins now that everyone’s secret identities are unmasked. Though it is rather dubious that Won didn’t recognise San at the wedding ceremony since she was veiled similarly at the festival… Continue reading

memoir of a murderer drops 1st trailer

The first trailer of Memoir of a Murderer has been released and Seol Kyung Gu is no doubt going to do a memorable turn as a former serial killer who has Alzheimer’s. Kim… Continue reading

im si wan sings his heart out

Im Si Wan left a treat for his fans in the form of an OST. He croons My Heart for The King Loves, reminding viewers that… ahem… he is an idol, ya know,… Continue reading

memoir of a murderer cast meets the press

Kim Nam Gil skipped dramaland and took a quick trip back to the film arena to meet the press for his movie, Memoir of a Murderer. He plays a man who plots to kill… Continue reading

kim sae ron + kim ji won at midnight runners vip premiere

There were too many young and pretty who turned up to support Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon for the VIP premiere of their movie, Midnight Runners. Thus, decided to feature only… Continue reading

loving someone you can’t have…

The plot thickens. My hearts sinks. My love for The King Loves rockets. Oh…RIN!!! I cried for him today. I think I will be crying for Won tomorrow. And yes, as a woman,… Continue reading

if all fails there is always the water fight + kisses

I had a crazy weekend which accounts for not posting up previews for this drama or The King Loves. Bride of the Water God 2017 dropped the BTS clip of the water fight… Continue reading

slew of promo for live up to your name

tvN is obviously banking much hope that Live Up To Your Name will produce some miraculous – or at least laudable – ratings. A deluge of BTS videos was released over the weekend,… Continue reading

argon holds script reading + drops 1st stills

Kim Joo Hyuk is back on TV in tvN’s Argon with Chan Woo Hee in her first foray into dramaland. She was recently seen with Kim Nam Gil in One Day. tvN is… Continue reading

kim ji suk + han ye seul are a 20th century pair

This is a really quirky, but potentially sizzling pairing if the writing stays insanely sane. The writer penning MBC’s 20th Century Boys And Girls should just let loose and let the pen fly… Continue reading

7-day queen wraps up

The cast had its wrap party but was without Yeon Woo Jin. I didn’t follow the drama at all but I did hear that Lee Dong Gun and Yeon Woo Jin sparkled in… Continue reading

higher plane

Criminal Minds dropped its first OST and it rocks. I love this kinda stuff. I heard it while watching the first two episodes of the drama. YES – I’m following our NCI team… Continue reading