three meals a day drops poster + more teasers

The female guest is Han Ji Min for the first episode of Three Meals A Day Season 4. Na PD met the press without the cast and explained that it was difficult to… Continue reading

flower girl

Kim So Hyun was all cheery and bubbly, dressed for the summer in a breezy flower top and cropped jeans, as she departed Incheon for Thailand for a photo shoot a couple of… Continue reading

live up to your name drops highlights trailer

It’s a nice touch as the clip segues back and forth so that we can see the individual approaches of both doctors from different times as they tend to their patients – both… Continue reading

ribbon rangers

A playful BTS cut of the stirring scene between Eun San and Wang Rin discussing her upcoming marriage to Wang Jeon as they practise dancing the maypole. While the scene was moving in… Continue reading

let loose the leading man…

Raaaaaaawr. I think Nam Joo Hyuk has absolutely validated and cemented his newly minted leading man status as the cool, arrogant Ha Baek who screams himself silly on amusement park rides, rolls on… Continue reading

saving lives in their own era

The latest teaser for tvN’s Live Up To Your Name finally gets down to the medical bit and show us the professionalism and expertise of our respective medical practitioners in their own times.… Continue reading

live up to your name holds press conference

When I see Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong in these photos, I get this bizarre sense that they would make a good married couple. HAHAHAHA. Utter rubbish, I know. But they… Continue reading

kim sae ron turns 17

Time Flies. My fave baby girl turned 17 on July 31. Or 18 in Korean age. Kim Sae Ron is growing up gorgeous, sweet, lithe and tall, and her growing resume is as… Continue reading

the art + act of tacit, absolute understanding

If Hong Jong Hyun ever needed a breakthrough role, Wang Rin is it. I swear I nearly cried today because of the way he quietly portrayed Wang Rin’s hidden tender feelings for Eun… Continue reading

cast of v.i.p kick off promotion

The boy among men. Lee Jong Suk stood out adorably, looking a tad sheepish,  among three of the most recognised and charismatic actors in Korean entertainment. He certainly chose a star-studded vehicle to… Continue reading

while you were sleeping holds wrap party

Ha. Suzy and Lee Jong Suk turned up in somewhat matching outfits (shoes!) for the wrap party of the SBS drama, While You Were Sleeping. it is due to premiere in September so… Continue reading

preview: bride of the water god 2017 episode 9

I know So Ah isn’t all useless and a departure from the usual too-proud-to-receive-help heroine, but I still find it a little annoying that she’s been tossed around between everyone. I actually like… Continue reading