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i love you very, very much

Jung Hoon so declares to Ha Jin. This man really loves her and well, she really loves him, too. And I luuuuuurve them. Episode 12 is the blissful calm before the heartbreaking storm… Continue reading

smile if you’re in love

Love the eye contact. Their happiness is so evident that my heart hurts at the thought of Ha Jin and Jung Hoon spending time apart, even for a bit. New stills for Episode… Continue reading

preview: find me in your memory episode 12

I love how Jung Hoon articulates and explains his thoughts and feelings when he sees the need to. He is going to do a lot of it trying to coax Ha Jin that… Continue reading

they’re together… for real

Jung Hoon decides to get serious with Ha Jin, after much mulling on his part. He doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in regret and more importantly, he wants to… Continue reading

she anchors him

Episode 12 of My Country belonged to the splendid bromance between Hwi and Bang Won, with Yang Se Jong and Jang Hyuk producing fabulous chemistry. However, I love my HwiHee moments so I’ll… Continue reading

just another date

The dates just keep coming for Jung Rok and Yoon Seo, and just keep getting sweeter. There is plenty to love when a drama romance is kept simple and honest, and kudos to… Continue reading

review: beauty inside episode 11/12 {heaven is making her happy}

What do you with a man who literally gives you the sky and brings you to heaven? Se Gye means the world to Do Jae, be it because she is his personal miracle… Continue reading

standing by her

I’m going to miss this couple like crazy when Beauty Inside ends. Do Jae takes his relationship with Se Gye to a deeper, more meaningful level as he does all he can to… Continue reading

the point of the kiss

WELL. I didn’t know discussing pressure points could be sensual and romantic. We finally get our long-awaited kiss between Heo Im and Yeon Kyung, and of course, this being a tvN drama, the… Continue reading

preview: the k2 episode 12

I haven’t had the time to watch Episode 11 yet but I figure I’ll just watch both episodes together. Anna finds out more about the mystery behind her mother’s death and questions Je… Continue reading

king or clown?

What makes a king and hero? One who walks the talk? Wook thinks helping a traitor attain the throne and betraying him later to attain the throne himself would make him a hero.… Continue reading

preview: moon lovers: bo bo kyung shim: ryeo episode 12

“If I say I’m getting married, I will get married.” Take that, Wookie-Washy. Damn the coolness of Stubborn So. Wook , on the surface, has given up on Soo. Soo is demoted to… Continue reading