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manhole shakes hips for 1st teaser

Hahaha. The cast of KBS’ upcoming Manhole dancing on the streets in their PJs for the first teaser is going viral, I’m sure. I think Jae Joong’s completely ambivalent expression, paired with the… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 12

Seon Woo and Yoon Jin have a Spy Spar and well, this is how they ended up. And I have a request: can someone please burn that hard disc everyone is coveting? Just… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 11

Seon Woo decides Mom should back off and let him handle the North Korean spies. There is logic in that since he officially has the capacity to do so while Hye Rim is… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 10

I’m confused as to why the North Koreans are so hell-bent on Seon Woo. I even played back the previous episodes but I still have no clue. Maybe he ruined many of their… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 9

I like a bad-ass Jae Joong. Those who have been patiently keeping their faith with Spy – your patience is paying off. Seon Woo discovers his mother’s true identity and tries to start… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 8

Best episode so far. Didn’t know a simple dinner could be so filled with nervous tension. Love that everyone secretly has a secret agenda except Seon Woo, who is slowly realising that everyone… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 7

Seon Woo is sharp and is starting to catch on the abnormalities with the people around him. His only Achilles’ heel is Yoon Jin, who continues to struggle with her double life. Hye… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 6

How to do you tell your son he is sleeping with the enemy? Hye Rim grapples with that and her own mission to complete to ensure Seon Woo’s safety. Thank heavens Seon Woo… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 5

It is a different ball game between knowingly putting your own life at risk and knowingly putting an innocent life at risk, thereafter causing her death. Seon Woo learns what it feels like… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 4

The battle lines have officially been drawn and the real fight begins now. It is Ki Chul against the South Korean government spies – with a very scared Hye Rim in between. I… Continue reading

review: Spy episode 3

Seon Woo is so blessed to have such awesome parents. While the espionage arc make exciting fodder, the committed relationship between Hye Rim and her husband, and their common goal to protect their… Continue reading

preview: Spy Episode 3-4

From what I’ve heard and read, Spy is quite well-received for its tight storytelling and stylish action. Of course, having a spy who looks and swaggers like Jae Joong is just the icing… Continue reading