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criminal minds holds wrap party

It has been a fairly quiet run for tvN’s Criminal Minds, but I still think it was a decent production overall. I enjoyed watching Sohn Hyun Joo and Lee Jun Ki, especially in… Continue reading

lee jun ki + jeon hye bin call it quits

ER… ok. Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin have confirmed they have gone their separate ways due to “their busy work schedules”. I kinda love this line since it apparently encompasses all… Continue reading

criminal minds holds 1st script reading

Lee Juuuuun Kiiiiiii. He’s back, smoldering gaze, sexy voice and all. I think he and Sohn Hyun Joo will make a killer combination and I can’t wait to see them in action together.… Continue reading

criminal minds drops 1st teaser

July is going to be a busy time for me since I’m looking forward to quite a number of dramas premiering in the month. tvN has released the first teaser for Criminal Minds,… Continue reading

beautiful mind

Lee Jun Ki is back! Not that he was ever really away since his red-hot portrayal of 4th Prince in Scarlet Heart, but he has been busy filming his new drama, Criminal Minds,… Continue reading

more lee jun ki for criminal minds

…And of course his fellow cast. Lee Jun Ki can wear his tactical vest for the whole drama and I’ll be more than happy. Not much of an update but we get to… Continue reading

lee jun ki is sharp for criminal minds

Ok. He is looking pretty gorgeous and cool in all that bad-ass black, weaponry and cap. I went Jun Ki Hunting and found a deluge of pics from his latest drama. He still… Continue reading

1st peeks of lee jun ki in criminal minds

tvN’s Criminal Minds having started filming with Lee Jun Ki, Son Hyun Joo and Moon Chae Won leading the cast. The crime procedural drama features a specialised police unit solving cases through behavourial… Continue reading

lee jun ki + jeon hye bin = dating

Can’t say I’m surprised since such rumours have been circulating from the time the two were filming Joseon Gunman. Anyway, Dispatch, the credible tabloid when it comes to major dating exposes, released pictures… Continue reading

right in front of ya

I’ll be honest and admit I’m not following Lee Jun Ki’s foray into My Ear’s Candy, a variety show where celebrities are secret “chat” pals to each other. But I totally squealed at… Continue reading

lee jun ki sizzles in singapore

There seems to be tons of good-quality clips of Lee Jun Ki’s Asia Tour stop in Singapore and well, I’m dying and swooning and screaming as I watch him swaying to Sexy Back… Continue reading

retrial holds vip premiere

Kang Ha Neul’s VIP premiere for his new movie, Retrial, drew his princely brothers, Lee Jun Ki and Ji Soo, and a host of other young actors. I just love it when co-stars… Continue reading