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a reason to protect

Lawless Lawyer didn’t disappoint with its first two episodes. There is tons of action, a solid enough narrative that believably weaves all the main players together, spicy OTP chemistry and a sleek execution.… Continue reading

lawless lawyer drops thrilling highlights teaser

Damn. This looks freakin’ good. Action, thriller and ballsy romance all rolled into one. Seo Ye Ji totally lets her fist fly as she punches Lee Jun Ki at what I presume is… Continue reading

lawless lawyer holds press conference

It was a jolly affair at the press conference of Lawless Lawyer, and surprisingly, Choi Min Soo and Lee Hye Young appeared more fun-loving than their younger colleagues. And proved they had matched… Continue reading

game gaze on in lawless lawyer

Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji have one of the best pre-broadcast OTP chemistry I’ve seen in a loooong time. The latest stills of the two… the physical awareness is palatable and… Continue reading

thrill + clash in lawless lawyer

The latest teaser reveals how the four players are linked, and darn it… I would love a three-way showdown between Lee Jun Ki, Choi Mon Soo and Lee Hye Young. They are blistering… Continue reading

close call

SMOKIN’. I’ll be shocked if Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji don’t set our screens on fire when Lawless Lawyer kicks start next week. Marie Claire Korea and Lee Jun Ki’s management… Continue reading

sparks fly in new bts cut for lawless lawyer

I know I’ve said this a dozen times but the voices of Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji are a heavenly match. It adds to the sexy hotness of them as a… Continue reading

a sense of lawlessness

I feel as if May 12 can’t arrive early enough since I’m dying for Lawless Lawyer to start airing… like now. tvN keeps dropping charismatic stills of the cast, and I’m totally expecting… Continue reading

lawless lawyer drops new teaser with all players in

Can’t wait for Lawless Lawyer to start!!! The main cast is solid, the narrative dynamic, and the combination of the low, sexy voices of Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji is just… Continue reading

seo ye ji hits it up in latest teaser for lawless lawyer

I suspect Seo Ye Ji’s character in Lawless Lawyer may be one of my fave leading ladies yet in dramaland. She has so much sass and attitude, but not contrived or overtly so.… Continue reading

criminal chemistry

I love Marie Claire Korea for May. Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji smoulder with sexy chemistry and simmering physical awareness in a couple pictorial that reflects their collective cool charisma. I… Continue reading

lawless lawyer presenting a good case on otp

I get very excited and optimistic for an upcoming drama when I see co-stars having fun behind the scenes and looking gorgeous while at it. Seo Ye Ji and Lee Jun Ki are… Continue reading