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bland dinner needs some spice

This drama does endings nicely; if only it did the same for the middle bits. I figured I should watch the two episodes of Dinner Mate before sharing my opinion because neither piqued… Continue reading

to remember, to love, to live

DAMN THAT KISS. Okay. I’ll go on about that later. Find Me In Your Memory ended on a sweet, meaningful note despite the very, very unecessary two-year separation between Ha Jin and Jung… Continue reading

remembering you even when we are apart

No korean drama is complete without some form of separation between the main couple. Since I’m pretty sure they will get back together despite the two-year time jump, I’ll just chat about the… Continue reading

hug me… love me

“Just accept me. You can’t win.” I gotta admit Jung Hoon is right because his dogged determination not to lose Ha Jin is impressive. He is relentless and as honest as ever with… Continue reading

when all you need to do is to go back to him…

What a bittersweet twist to the reconciliation between Ha Jin and Jung Hoon. I’m mighty glad and relieved that the writer didn’t let the angst drag on forever and ended the couple’s misery… Continue reading

i love you very, very much

Jung Hoon so declares to Ha Jin. This man really loves her and well, she really loves him, too. And I luuuuuurve them. Episode 12 is the blissful calm before the heartbreaking storm… Continue reading

they’re together… for real

Jung Hoon decides to get serious with Ha Jin, after much mulling on his part. He doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in regret and more importantly, he wants to… Continue reading

being there for her is all she needs…

Jung Hoon shakes off his long-festering guilt over Seo Yeon’s death, making a decision to embrace the newfound happiness he is gradually finding with Ha Jin. I’m relieved it didn’t take four episodes… Continue reading

she means something to him

Jung Hoon finally realises life has plenty more happy memories to offer if he snaps out of his dreary past. The pain will always linger; but happiness can be found if he is… Continue reading

to live in the now

Ha Jin and Jung Hoon learn more about each other, and damn if anyone else is caught trash-talking about the other party because they totally have each other’s backs. Jung Hoon suffers yet… Continue reading

caught in between

It is one of those rare cases where the hero understands the heroine well very early in the game. While Jung Hoon is genuinely being considerate towards Ha Jin by keeping his distance… Continue reading

sharing painful memories

The verdict? I super like Find Me In Your Memory. Jung Hoon totally needs someone like Ha Jin to draw him out of his unique memory funk while she needs someone like him… Continue reading