Monthly Archive: Aug, 2015

time to dig up past loves

I honestly do this to torture myself but I just have to reminisce my absolute beloved drama OTPs from time to time. Eun Soo + Choi Young! Yi Kang + An Lei! Seul Bi… Continue reading

tony yang!

The not-so-recently single actor has been busy with movies for the past year or so. Tony Yang (he looks sooooo gorgeous in the pic!) has been up and about promoting the blockbuster The Crossing… Continue reading

bad guys always die drops trailer

…which means the good guys always live? Son Ye Jin’s latest movie with Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen looks all sorts of fun and maybe even a little sexy. Bolin and his buddies accidentally… Continue reading

lee sang yoon is rumpled cute for singles magazine

I’ve watched the first two episodes of Twenty Again and though I like it, I don’t quite love it. Not too sure why but that’s the case so far for me. One of… Continue reading

whispering sweet nothings

More pics of Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk on a date – sorta. Just noticed the gal in red is the other young actress in the drama and Kim Sae Ron’s rival… Continue reading

kim sae ron + nam joo hyuk go on a date

So cute, so cute. Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk continue to film their scenes for Dazzling Temptation, looking all sorts of adorable. Joo Hyukie is so handsome and Sae Ronie is… Continue reading

sealed with a kiss

  It was a nice, albeit brief kiss. Is it a case of “Did I miss something?” or “Is something missing?”…that was what I felt after watching Episode 8 of Yong Pal. I… Continue reading

soul stirring

STIRRING. I can’t think of a more apt word to describe Yong Pal. I do think this is one of best-written OTPs in a long time in terms of palpable, emotional connection. Let’s… Continue reading

desert dude

The BTS video of Lee Min Ho’s photoshoot for Elle Korea has been released. While I have seen him look better, this ain’t too bad. As usual the camera loves him and he… Continue reading

wake me up inside…

Yong Pal is my current drama addiction and the OST list has been pretty good so far. Nightmare is the next one up and describes the OTP’s tumultuous relationship perfectly. I don’t recall… Continue reading

six flying dragons drops 1st scintillating teaser

Totally forgot about this drama over the last few weeks though it is one I’m looking forward to. Yoo Ah In stars as a power–hungry prince who will later become king in SBS’… Continue reading

twenty again holds boisterous press conference

I honestly had a hard time finding a pic in which Lee Sang Yoon was NOT pulling a weird face or laughing. That being said, he looks hot (dimple frenzy!) while I hate Choi Ji Woo’s… Continue reading