Monthly Archive: Jun, 2019

kim nam gil thanks fans

Kim Nam Gil serenades his faithful in his first fan meeting in eight years. He even played the piano. He has come a long way since his Bidam days which was a career-changing… Continue reading

she lets him stay

The last scene of Episode 8 of Search: WWW was daebak. Jang Ki Yong did an amazing job portraying Mo Geon’s feelings and I gotta say the writing has been really, really good… Continue reading

sitting cool

Jong Hyunie in W Korea! Not too many photos so I hope his agency will release the BTS shots. His pout… awww. And hair up. Sooo happy that he is gaining more exposure.… Continue reading

actress jeon mi seon has passed away

Terrible news. Veteran actress, Jeon Mi Seon, has passed away. At about 11.45am (Korean time) on June 29, her manager found her unconscious in a hotel bathroom in Jeonju. A 119 call was… Continue reading

get tee

Nam Joo Hyuk spends his Saturday pulling spokesperson duty for a fashion brand event. He donned the exact same tee as featured in one of the shots for the ad campaign. Glad he… Continue reading

and there were two…

Totally freaked out at the introduction of the Wang Joon lookalike robot in Absolute Boyfriend. I mean Hong Jong Hyun is as handsome as ever in robot mode but having another man-made man… Continue reading

dressed for summer

Awww… so pretty. Kim Sae Ron uploaded two pics of herself in front of a cafe wearing a lovely dress fit for summer. Her hair is still quite short and I prefer her… Continue reading

summer sharing

Seo Hyun Jin has been laying extremely low for the past few months so I was relieved to see her in a new ad campaign for ride-sharing service, Socar. Word is that she… Continue reading

shoot him suave

Ji Jin Hee is pure cool manliness for Arena Homme Plus. He always does really good pictorials because he can do both serious and cheeky with ease. He just keeps looking better and… Continue reading

60 days: designated survivor drops highlights trailer

The truth is that I can watch Ji Jin Hee in anything if I want to. However, I’m psyched for 60 Days: Designated Survivor because I genuinely like the storyline and I’m stoked… Continue reading

trouble in paradise

The idyllic bliss has been shattered. Sun Young and Tae Joon will be up in arms against each other in Aide after he receives orders to get rid of her permanently. Ouch.

coffee date

My baby boy. He hasn’t stepped out in ages. Missed him sooooo much. Nam Joo Hyuk attended A Twosome Place event as its spokesperson. I’m liking his shirt and shorter hair, and that… Continue reading