Monthly Archive: Jun, 2016

moonlight drawn by clouds drops first stills of otp

Er… I’m not sure what to think about these first stills. Park Bo Geom looks more like an indulging older brother to his impish, younger sister that is Kim Yoo Jung. Maybe it… Continue reading

the good wife drops long teaser

If there is anything you can’t fault tvN’s upcoming The Good Wife, it is substance and gravity in both plot and acting. The combination of Jeon Do Yeon and Yoo Ji Tae is… Continue reading

fun at the farm + mart

We get the preview of the first episode of Three Meals A Day and it’s pretty hilarious with Chajumma pottering about the house, mart and bargaining with Na PD. Yoo Hae Jin just… Continue reading

preview: mirror of the witch episode 15

All the players are in the ring now with Hong Joo’s unilateral, maniacal control depleting quickly as she clashes with Yeon Hee, who is backed by two men honed to protect her. That… Continue reading

oh hae young again holds wrap party

The drama was a bona fide hit, thanks to a cast with all their funny bones intact. I personally prefer Oh Hae Young Again to Marriage, Not Dating. Seo Hyun Jin was pitch… Continue reading

the good wife holds press conference

Almost slipped my mind that this drama was kicking off next week. Jeon Do Yeon posed with her two strapping male co-stars at the press conference and well, the media was predictably all… Continue reading

han hyo joo goofs around the glass

Han Hyo Joo is all aegyo and playful filming the second teaser of W – Two Worlds. The glass is a metaphor of their existence in parallel universes – so near yet so… Continue reading

the farmers say hi

Hahahaha. Chajumma looks more like a gangsta-jumma. But he looks so at home, as does Yoo Hae Jin. This is probably not work to these two hard-core veterans. Joo Hyukie looks a little… Continue reading

bring it on, ghost! brings on ghostly affection

I’m accumulating a massive sleep debt, thanks to Euro 2016. Anyway, Bring It On, Ghost! drops its trailer for the first episode and it looks like seriously cute fluff. I don’t why I… Continue reading

sadness…mirror of the witch drops 3rd ost

Every character in Mirror of the Witch is well developed and the drama continues to chip away at my heart with all the heart-wrenching emotional nuances between Yeon Hee and everyone around her… Continue reading

cold war 2 is typical fab hong kong police fare

I finally found a decent English-subbed trailer for this movie. I didn’t watch the first instalment but I’m excited with what I see in the trailer for the sequel. I’ve always said Hong… Continue reading

ghosts vs humans…who’s scarier?

I remain undecided after watching the latest teaser of Bring It On, Ghost! I mean there is even a scene where Kim So Hyun is more freaked out than Taecyeon by a fellow… Continue reading