Monthly Archive: Sep, 2016

preview: moon lovers: bo bo kyung shim: ryeo episode 12

“If I say I’m getting married, I will get married.” Take that, Wookie-Washy. Damn the coolness of Stubborn So. Wook , on the surface, has given up on Soo. Soo is demoted to… Continue reading

gone with the wind

Jtbc’s upcoming drama, This Week My Wife Will Have An Affair, employs cheeky wit to their posters. The word ‘wind” in Korean refers to “cheating” on your partner so the cast being blasted… Continue reading

bts cuts for entourage

HA. Kwang Soo and Cho Jin Woong are hamming it up. Or at least Kwang Soo is basically being himself. I love how Kwang Soo was absolutely soaking up the club scene, posing… Continue reading

can we miss each other…

On The Way To The Airport continues to mesmerise me with its subtlety and depth, and clever weaving of character, communication and emotion. I’m still not shipping Soo Ah and Do Woo but… Continue reading

stealing hearts: ryeo

Moon Lovers: Bo Bo Kyung Shim: Ryeo officially, irrevocably stole my heart in Epsiode 11. I keep re-watching the jail scene between So and Soo, and my heart shatters a little more each… Continue reading

a rainy fate

I finally caught up with the first two episodes of Woman with a Suitcase. I enjoyed the second episode a lot more than the first – Choi Ji Woo and Lee Joon are… Continue reading

preview of first ost of the k2

The K2 kicked off last weekend to explosive action and no wonder Ji Chang Wook is exhausted. Not only were there multiple fight scenes – the scenes were long, complex, and difficult. Acting… Continue reading

will be back

Ommmmph. This haunting song seems to be accompanying all the significant death scenes in Moon Lovers: Bo Bo Kyung Shim: Ryeo. I think it was perfect for sending off Lady Oh in Episode… Continue reading

love hurts… love heals…

An episode of heartbreak. Wook ultimately abandons Soo but she is not alone – So is there for her every step of the way, her shelter in the midst of a storm. This… Continue reading

man living in our house holds first script reading

I just wish the main male lead was Lee Soo Hyuk. SIGH. But it’s fellow model-actor Kim Young Kwang who gets to co-helm with the lovely Soo Ae in KBS’ upcoming Man Living… Continue reading

preview: moon lovers: bo bo kyung shim: ryeo episode 11

So get poisoned, Soo gets arrested for attempting to murder a prince, Wook attempts to save her, same for Lady Oh. But those last few seconds stole my heart – I believe it’s… Continue reading

fortune favours the brave

If SBS doesn’t give Lee Jun Ki the Daesang Award at the end of the year just because of the drama’s low domestic ratings…I’ll send The K2 to kick everyone’s ass on the… Continue reading